Best universities in the world

There are three popular worldwide rankings - QS, THE and ARWU, and there are others. All lists agree that US has the most top universities, and as such, looking at US based rankings are also important. Earlier this year I "studied" and analyzed some of the rankings. My "personal" list of worldwide top 10 based on that analysis are that top 10 falls into 3 groups:


A. HYPMS - common term on the web, pronounced like "Hipmas," that stands for the top three Ivies (Harvard, Yale, Princeton), plus MIT and Stanford.

B. Oxford and Cambridge

C. What I call 3C's - Caltech, U of Chicago, Columbia - arguably not as "top" as ther other 7, I think these really rank as Tier 1.5 vs. others (e.g. other Ivies).


So this is my list - not in order:

- Harvard

- Yale

- Princeton


- Stanford

- Oxford

- Cambridge

- Caltech

- U of Chicago

- Columbia


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